About Marcus Daniels

Hi, I'm Marcus, a Full-Stack Developer with a management and technical background in mechanical engineering.

The most valuable aspect of web development to me is that it offers every user the opportunity to expand their knowledge. This allows them to get in touch with everyone on earth through web development. In my opinion, providing friendly solutions to companies in the form of business intelligence systems is worthwhile.

I took a full-stack web development training course at CareerFoundry in April 2022. I was able to boost my confidence in developing web and mobile applications by leveraging modern architect codebases.

Apart from studying, I enjoy reading books, playing basketball regularly, and working on personal projects during my free time. My favorite way to get inspiration is to take a walk and socialize with people who have amazingly creative ideas.

Skills Years of Experience Level of Expertise
HTML 2 Advanced
CSS 2 Intermediate
JavaScript 1 Beginner